No matter what the circumstances…no matter who is at fault…at some point in life we have to pull our own selves up..dust off the cobwebs and find a way to polish our own mirror once again and look deeply into ourselves.. Life is too short to idly stand, sit, or lay down then keep asking why me?.. over disappointments, loss, regret ,and unfulfilled dreams.Who are you asking..and do they answer? Does anyone really even care to listen to you sincerely in this day and age.then support and encourage you…to really have your back without stabbing you!..NOT!!! We live in selfish,self-centered,” I’m better than you times.” No one cares unless they feel they are above and beyond the other person’s “status,”  on any level ,even lowly agendas,that serve no purpose other than for them to feel more entitled and worthier than thou, and no one cares anymore about the next person in line even if they are ahead of them. Most would rather you not get on the bus anyway!Let them go…along on their miserable way, and try not to take personally and carry their sicknesses around with you and affect your light and energy. Their unhappiness has every bit to do with other people being happy on a level they could very well attain on their own but rather use disordered thinking to  bully and make another join them on their dark path.Step aside for the fools that run to and fro with frowns hurrying up to get first place living psychotically functioning lives right to death’s doorsteps more quicker than thou. Smile and roll out the red carpet for them and theirs…then go home have a nice smoothie in your favorite flavors..workout with the punching bag, do some yoga, a reiki tune up ,and hit tha racks. Unless they start polishing their mirrors…and patiently wait for their  piece of coal to turn into a diamond…they will never be as happy  as you or I on our worst day.

A piece of coal takes a long time to become a may have more worth than the other in some folks eyes.That’s not the point…..the point is that no matter how others treat you, look in the mirror first and know even if you feel like coal…you are always a diamond, no matter what. Just like your unlocked potential and childhood dreams that we all have forgotten to polish at some point in our busy, busier, and, “better than you” lives.

So l challenge you to get your ,”GAME FACE” on and become the diamond that you so truly are. Polish that mirror night and day and shine, shine, shine! Stop holding back your light to appease those who would rather you not light up their darkness. Be a lantern to light up the way! Go where there is no path and blaze a trail.




If you are willing to accept yourself at full brightness ,those that live in darkness and unhappiness will be shown a path that is illuminated by you and all that you  and they can be….all they could be without negativity.

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“May the roads rise up to meet you and the wind always be at your back”

Irish Proverb